What is Online Presence Management? Used to be, a website was all that a business needed. Once it was created, you then let everyone know what the URL (web address) was and you were set! Times have changed, and OPM is now an ongoing process requiring constant attention updating.

When a consumer is doing a search on Google for something that relates to your business or your products, they need to find and connect with you quickly, preferably from first page results. That could be a press release, or a product on an eCommerce site, or a blog post of yours or a post that mentions you. The point is that you want to be heavily engaged in Online Presence Management to be in all the right places, doing all the right things, at all the right times. This is not optional if you want to be competitive today’s competitive retail marketplace.

Do you have the time to run your business AND manage your online presence? Let the experts at Dramshop Media jumpstart and maintain your online presence while you concentrate on day-to-day operations.


Business-Driven, Professional Website Design

In today’s retail environment, a great website is the foundation of any successful business. In the ever-changing world of retail beverage, it has become a necessity. Cocktail culture, innovation brands, craft spirits, niche wines, organic brands and craft beer – all products and services that customers are searching for online.

Are you a retailer in need of an online presence to attract these customers?

Are you a distiller in need of a more responsive website that better represents your market identity?


Dramshop Media can help!


We Don’t Just Build E-Commerce Websites, We build Sales Multipliers.

This is our specialty and the motivating factor for the creation of Dramshop Media. For too many years we searched for a shopping cart functionality that would best serve the retail beverage industry. After too many frustrating trial runs, we decided to create our own. The result is a powerful, premium platform for eCommerce online store websites. Our sites are designed explicitly for the alcohol beverage retailer with the specific goals of attracting new customers, delivering a satisfying shopping experience, retaining an engaged clientele and maintaining a streamlined, behind-the-scenes management of your online store.


Business Branding

Every successful business starts with a distinctive brand, and yours should too.  Your brand identity is a way of defining your business to your team and your external audience.   It’s a look, a feel, and a consistent message that should be splashed across every medium:


Logo Design - your logo tells customers who you are, what you offer, and what makes you unique. It conveys a distilled, highly concentrated message about your company – and it does all that at a glance.


Spectrum Branding - your brand should be consistent across every point of contact: business cards, brochures, email signatures, social media, etc.


Web Copywriting & Messaging – pretty pictures are nice, but every website needs quality content and a message that drives the users to your desired goal.


Social Media Marketing

Social media is the most popular way for consumers to interact with your brand. Social media can be an extremely powerful (and very affordable) branding and customer service tool but only if managed properly. At Dramshop Media, we pride ourselves in being current with social media trends and have the knowledge to get your business linked in the best platforms for your goals.


Email Marketing

Target customers based on preferences and previous purchases with professionally designed e-newsletters.



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