DramShop Media is a full-service web design and digital marketing agency specializing in the alcohol beverage industry.

We are a small, agile team – a combination of talented designers, developers, programmers and marketers with 30 plus years of experience in the retail beverage industry.

We work with clients of all sizes, from mom & pop retail stores to corporations with hundreds of employees. Over the years, we've created, designed and collaborated with restaurants, bars, wine shops, liquor stores, brewers and distillers.

We are passionate about what we do, forward thinking, and pride ourselves on our attention to detail.  Most importantly, we are proud of the industry we work with and believe it shows in our execution.  




A Florida native, Rory grew up in the alcohol beverage industry and is the founder and “chief mixologist” of Dramshop Media.  His family’s first neighborhood bar and retail liquor store opened in 1976 in Orange Park.  After working as a collegiate and high school basketball coach after college, Rory gravitated back to the family business and has worked in the industry ever since. 

Industry Experience:

  • COO, Foremost Liquors & Wines
  • Advisory Board Member, Florida Retail Federation
  • Founder & CEO, Foremost Beverage Group
  • Board President, Retail Beverage Council
  • Board President, Florida Independent Spirits Association
  • Advisory Board Member, American Beverage Licensees

When not developing premium webstuff for the industry, Rory spends time with his daughter, wanders our National Parks and is an avid golfer.


Creative services pro with over 25 years of experience in the graphic design and digital marketing industry. Originally from New York, this classically trained fine artist developed her skillset in many diverse sectors of the New York City art world including: the greeting card industry, textile design, retail packaging, global marketing and even a dot com internet start-up.

Donna began consulting under the art studio name JeanAlan Design back in 1999 and throughout the years has well-worn many creative titles: art director, graphic designer, eMarketer, web developer, interface designer, and photographer. Donna's exploration in photography can be found at www.conversano-images.com

No artist can be fully whole without personal passions away from work. Donna's time away from the computer includes international travel and finding wide open spaces of solitude to day hike and enjoy the infinite power of nature.



Dramshop Media
112 Bartram Oaks Walk
Suite 104-600062

Jacksonville, FL 32260

Phone: (904) 233-1520


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